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Course reserves provide a method to ensure that materials are available to students on a limited basis and that all students in a course will have an opportunity to access the materials.

You can place online/digital material on Online Reserve and physical items on In-Library Reserve.

Items that can be placed on reserve:

  • Selections from a book, as long as it does not constitute more than 10% of the total contents
  • Journal articles -- no more than one article per issue of a journal
  • Instructor-authored material (syllabi, quiz solutions, etc.)

Copyrighted material can be placed on reserve for one semester, or nonconsecutive (e.g. Fall and Fall, Spring and Spring) semesters, without securing permission from the publisher.

If you wish to place material on reserve for two or more semesters in a row (e.g., both Fall and Spring, or both Spring and Summer), note this on the submission form, and the library will attempt to secure permission for use of the material by contacting the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). The library will pay up to $50 per title and up to $300 per course in permissions fees. If fees for any single title are more than $50, or if the total fees for the course exceed $300, the list of titles and fees will be sent to the instructor for review. If the instructor requests to have the material exceeding the $50/$300 limits put on online reserve, the balance will be paid from the department's book budget.

  • Fees are per-semester, and may change from one semester to the next.
  • Fees vary widely from one publisher to another. The length of the article and the number of students enrolled in the class are also factors.
  • We can't guarantee that we will be able to obtain permission for a reasonable fee. Some publishers may be unwilling to grant permission for any fee.
  • It sometimes takes several weeks for the CCC to report what the fees will be, so please get these requests in early.

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