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FrogScholar searches the library catalog and most (but not all) the online databases and journal articles TCU has access to, using a single search. Research Guides are also included in the FrogScholar index. For most searches, FrogScholar will generate thousands of hits, but you can narrow your search in various ways by checking boxes that appear to the left of your search results.

When to use FrogScholar…

You want to quickly locate journal articles, books, videos, music and other material on a given topic without being limited to a particular type of material (such as books versus journal articles) or subject area (such as a specialized database).

When not to use FrogScholar…

  • You're looking for a physical book, video or other item that you already know is in the library collection. Since the FrogScholar index contains over 100 million entries, it will often be faster to locate these materials by searching the library catalog (app. 2 million entries).
  • You're looking for specialized information such as financial data, chemical formulas, demographic statistics, maps, etc. Some databases that contain this kind of information are not indexed in FrogScholar, and even if they are, going directly to the database may give you many useful search options that FrogScholar doesn't provide.
  • Your research is in a fairly narrow subject area, and you don't want all the "extra" hits that FrogScholar is likely to list along with the hits in that subject area. Again, using a specialized database may be your better option.

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