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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020:

TCU Information Technology has established procedures for currently enrolled students to access some of the software on IC computers. See the "Access to Lab Software" section of IT's Keep Learning page.


  • Seven HP Z440 Windows computers with Quad Core Xeon 3.5GHz processors, 32GB RAM, 512GB hard drives, and NVIDIA Qudaro K2200 4GB graphics boards
  • Five iMac computers with 27" 2560x1440 monitors, Quad Core 3.4GHz processors, 16GB RAM, 1TB hard drives and 1GB GeForce GT 755M graphics boards


Available on both Windows and Mac:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 — Photo, video, and publication editing (also available in main IC Lab)
  • Antidote — Text & grammar correction software
  • Blender 2.76 — 3D drawing and painting
  • Chrome — Web browser
  • Corel Painter 2019 — Digital painting
  • Eclipse - Java software development
  • Firefox — Web browser
  • Lightwright — Stage lighting electrical power calculator
  • MatLab R2018 — Mathematics (also available in main IC Lab)
  • Python (Anaconda distribution) 3.2 — software library used by GIS software
  • R version 3.52 and Rstudio version 1.1.463 — Statistics
  • Schlumberger Simulation  — Geo-engineering simulator
  • SketchUp Pro — 3D modeling
  • SPSS v24 — Statistical analysis and graphing (also available in main IC Lab)
  • Tableau Desktop — Data visualization
  • VectorWorks 2018 — 3D modeling and plotter printing
  • Virtual Light Lab — Stage lighting

Available on Mac only:

  • Auralia —  (Ear training software - MAC ONLY)

Available on Windows only:

  • AGi32 — Lighting calculation software (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • ArcGIS Desktop Products (ESRI) — Geo-information systems, mapping (also available in main IC Lab - WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Autodesk (Autocad) 2019 — Computer-aided design (also available in main IC Lab - WINDOWS ONLY)
  • ENVI (Excelis) — Image processing and geo-spatial analysis (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • GAUSSIAN 16 - Computational chemistry software (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • GCD Kit  — Architectural design and building layouts (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • GeoDa  — Geo-spatial analysis (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • IHS Kingdom Software — Oil and gas field analysis (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Inventor 2019 — Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software is used for product design, rendering and simulation.(WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Kaledo Knit, Kaledo Print, Kaledo Style (v4r1sp6) — Fashion design (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Kinovea — Video player with functionality to slow down, study, comment on technique of subject in the videos (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • LTSpice  — SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) simulator (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Microsoft Power BI  — Data visualization (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • NI LabVIEW — Software development (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Petra and PetraSeis — Oil and gas field analysis (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Rockware — Geological modeling (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • SAS and JMP (SAS component) — Principle components analysis add on for SAS (base SAS package is available in the main IC Lab - WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Stata 15 — Statistical analysis and graphing (WINDOWS ONLY)

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