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There are three ways you can access current articles from the Wall Street Journal.

  1. Use the database Factiva
  2. Go directly to the Wall Street Journal in the database U. S. Major Dailies
  3. Use the catalog to search for the Wall Street Journal

Each method is detailed below.

Method 1: Factiva

The database Factiva can be accessed by going from the Library home page > Databases  > F > Factiva.

An easy way to browse the newspaper in Factiva is to click on ‘News Pages’, then choose ‘Factiva Pages’.   You can then browse through several major newspapers including the Wall Street Journal by section of the paper and the date. Current issues only go back about 10 days in this particular feature, but Factiva also carries historical copies of the WSJ.

Factiva page with circles around the menu items and filter options mentioned in the FAQ.


Method 2: U. S. Major Dailies

Go directly to the Wall Street Journal in U. S. Major Dailies, or access the database starting from the Library home page > Databases > U > U. S. Major Dailies > Publications > W  > Wall Street Journal (Online)


Method 3: Catalog

Look the Wall Street Journal up in the library catalog by starting from the Library home page > Catalog.  Then search for "Wall Street Journal," changing the drop-down menu to "Journal name starts with...". Click on the "Wall Street Journal " record, then choose which database version you need, Factiva or U. S. Major Dailies.


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