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Kanopy is a pay-per-view streaming video service that the library provides to the TCU community. As of June 10, the following 250+ titles are leased and available.

To access one of the listed films, search for the title in the library catalog. Some of the most popular titles are linked for you.

Searching within Kanopy will find many more titles, as will searching in the library catalog. If you are on the Kanopy interface, any film that you watch more than briefly will be paid for by the library.

Expiring June 30, 2020

Expiring July 31, 2020

Expiring August 31, 2020

Expiring September 30, 2020

Expiring October 31, 2020

Expiring November 30, 2020

Expiring December 31, 2020

Expiring January 31, 2021

Expiring February 28, 2021

Expiring March 17, 2021

Expiring March 31, 2021

Expiring April 30 2021

Expiring May 31, 2020

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