What hardware and software is available in the GIGA Lab?



  • Seven HP Z440 Windows computers with Quad Core Xeon 3.5GHz processors, 32GB RAM, 512GB hard drives, and NVIDIA Qudaro K2200 4GB graphics boards
  • Five iMac computers with 27" 2560x1440 monitors, Quad Core 3.4GHz processors, 16GB RAM, 1TB hard drives and 1GB GeForce GT 755M graphics boards


Available on both Windows and Mac:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud — Photo, video, and publication editing (also available in main IC Lab)
  • Antidote — Text & grammar correction software
  • Blender 2.76 — 3D drawing and painting
  • Chrome — Web browser
  • Corel Painter  — Digital painting
  • Eclipse - Java software development
  • Firefox — Web browser
  • Lightwright — Stage lighting electrical power calculator
  • MatLab R — Mathematics (also available in main IC Lab)
  • Python (Anaconda distribution) 3.2 — software library used by GIS software
  • R version 3.52 and Rstudio version 1.1.463 — Statistics
  • Schlumberger Simulation  — Geo-engineering simulator
  • SketchUp Pro — 3D modeling
  • SPSS v24 — Statistical analysis and graphing (also available in main IC Lab)
  • Tableau Desktop — Data visualization
  • VectorWorks — 3D modeling and plotter printing
  • Virtual Light Lab — Stage lighting

Available on Mac only:

  • Auralia —  (Ear training software - MAC ONLY)

Available on Windows only:

  • AGi32 — Lighting calculation software (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • ArcGIS Desktop Products (ESRI) — Geo-information systems, mapping (also available in main IC Lab - WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Autodesk (Autocad) — Computer-aided design (also available in main IC Lab - WINDOWS ONLY)
  • ENVI (Excelis) — Image processing and geo-spatial analysis (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • GAUSSIAN 16 - Computational chemistry software (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • GCD Kit  — Architectural design and building layouts (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • GeoDa  — Geo-spatial analysis (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • IHS Kingdom Software — Oil and gas field analysis (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Inventor — Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software is used for product design, rendering and simulation.(WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Kaledo Knit, Kaledo Print, Kaledo Style (v4r1sp6) — Fashion design (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Kinovea — Video player with functionality to slow down, study, comment on technique of subject in the videos (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • LTSpice  — SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) simulator (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Microsoft Power BI  — Data visualization (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • NI LabVIEW — Software development (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Petra and PetraSeis — Oil and gas field analysis (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Rockware — Geological modeling (WINDOWS ONLY)
  • SAS and JMP (SAS component) — Principle components analysis add on for SAS (base SAS package is available in the main IC Lab - WINDOWS ONLY)
  • Stata 15 — Statistical analysis and graphing (WINDOWS ONLY)
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